Rush: Cruz 'Freedom Fighter' Fighting for 'Soul of His Party'

Rush: Cruz 'Freedom Fighter' Fighting for 'Soul of His Party'

On Wednesday, after Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke for 21 hours on the Senate floor in opposition to Obamacare, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said on his show that though some may find it “corny,” opposing Obamacare is “about freedom.”

“Ted Cruz is fighting for freedom in the greatest tradition of american freedom fighters,” Limbaugh said, who noted Cruz is fighting for the “soul of his party,” the principle of “limited government” that “animates all of us,” and all “those Republicans and Reagan Democrats” who stayed home on election day in 2012. 

“Ted Cruz was doing exactly what he was elected to do,” Rush said of the filibuster. “He’s one Republican who is doing what he was elected to do.”

Limbaugh blasted those who may have “too much invested in Washington” to oppose Cruz’s effort and was bewildered about how some Republicans in the party of limited government do not understand that the battle against Obamacare is ultimately about freedom. 

“He’s fighting against statism,” Limbaugh said, noting Cruz is fighting for people “who do not even know he is fighting for them.” Limbaugh also pointed out that Cruz would have been “feted as a great American” by the media if he was fighting for abortion like Democratic Texas State Senator Wendy Davis. 

“If you don’t fight, you can’t possibly win,” Limbaugh said of rolling back Obamacare, which he called the biggest “assault” on individuals freedom other than threats from outside the country, like the Soviet Union during the Cold War and terrorism.