Rand Paul: Republicans 'May Not Get' Obamacare Defunding

Rand Paul: Republicans 'May Not Get' Obamacare Defunding

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) told reporters Wednesday he is “ready to admit” that the GOP may not defund Obamacare when faced with a government shutdown.

Paul told reporters after his colleague Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) 21 hours quasi-filibustering on the Senate floor that the GOP may not get all it wants.

“I’m not saying we would get everything we want. We don’t want to fund [Obamacare] at all, but I’m ready to admit we may not get that,” he said.

After he left the Senate floor, Senator Cruz went on the Rush Limbaugh show. Cruz told Limbaugh that he was amazed at what he found when he first got to Washington.

“The single biggest surprise about arriving to the Senate is the defeatist attitude here,” Cruz told Limbaugh.

While Cruz was very centered on the still-fresh fight to defund Obamacare, Paul seemed more focused on preventing a government shutdown.

“We’ve spent a lot of time on this, and it’s time to vote. I think the sooner we’re done with this, the better chance we have of not having the government shut down,” he said.

Paul said he thought everyone in DC should be working to prevent a shutdown, saying, “the goal of everybody should be to try to do something right and at the same time not shut down the government.”

However, Paul did try to guide reporters to pin the shutdown on the Democrats.

I think if you analyze this situation, this is us saying the bill has many problems. Even one of the authors of the bill says there’s problems with the bill. But if they’re unwilling to revisit the bill and compromise on anything… maybe some of you in the media ought to ask… why are they shutting down the government in order to get everything they want?

Finally, while Paul felt that public opinion was on the side of opposing Obamacare, he nonetheless felt that the Senate should get to a vote on the issue soon and get a bill returned to the House.

“We ought to get to the votes,” Paul said. “If we’re going to send something to the House, I think get something over there sooner rather than later. That’s always been my opinion.”