Confederate Flag Raised on I-95, Chesterfield County VA

Confederate Flag Raised on I-95, Chesterfield County VA

A group called Virginia Flaggers (VF) raised a 10 by 15 ft. Confederate flag on a 50 ft. flagpole along I-95 in Chesterfield County on September 28. reports that critics call the flag “a symbol of hate” and a petition is being circulated to keep the flag from flying. Over 20,000 people have signed the petition already.

But VF says hate has no part in their unfurling of the Confederate flag. Rather, they say they want to “remind drivers of [Virginia’s] honorable confederate history and heritage.”

After a brief stint in Montgomery, Alabama, the capital of the Confederacy was relocated to Richmond, VA following the start of the Civil War. From there Confederate President Jefferson Davis micromanaged a losing cause against federal forces. 

Some of the Confederacy’s most prominent figures were Virginians, General Robert E. Lee among them. 

Richmond is home to the Museum of the Confederacy.

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