Exclusive–Republicans Declare Victory as CNN and NBC #DropTheDocs

Exclusive–Republicans Declare Victory as CNN and NBC #DropTheDocs

Today Republicans won a major victory against the mainstream media.

When NBC and CNN announced their plans for pro-Hillary productions, the RNC voted to ban them from presidential primary debates. Conservatives united in calling out their blatant liberal bias and support for Hillary Clinton’s all-but-announced candidacy. Even liberal commentators’ eyes were opened to the network’s partisan actions.

After all that pressure and bad publicity, both CNN and NBC announced they were canceling their productions today.

The director of the CNN film, in explaining why he canceled the documentary, made it clear that the RNC’s actions made it more difficult to get the project underway.

This is an important win for conservatives in exposing media bias and holding networks accountable. The top execs who have donated generously to Democratic campaigns are surely heartbroken that the infomercials won’t air.

This whole episode is just the first step in the RNC’s efforts to ensure presidential primary debates serve the interests of voters–not the mainstream media.

The timing, frequency, moderators and venues will all be part of a new debate model that will come out in the next few months. Media organizations who want to be part of the debate process will have to comply with the new system. Republicans will set terms for the media–not the other way around. Stunts like the Hillary movies will not be tolerated.

While those movies may be canceled, liberal bias of course lives on in the media. But we have learned at least two things from all this: First, when our voices are united we can indeed shame the networks into changing course. Second, it is possible for Republicans to work together toward a better debate process.