Remarks to WWII Vets on an 'Honor Flight': 'We Have Not Forgotten Your Sacrifice'

Remarks to WWII Vets on an 'Honor Flight': 'We Have Not Forgotten Your Sacrifice'

When World War II veterans–like those Obama locked out of the WWII memorial on Oct. 2–travel to Washington DC aboard “Honor Flights,” the whole trip is framed around them and their brothers in arms who did not make it back or have since passed away.

For this reason, the trip includes the World War II memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

To better understand these “Honor Flights” Breitbart News talked with Dale Williams, who works with Amarilo, TX’s “Honor Flight” program. 

Williams provided us with the words spoken to a group of World War II veterans as they prepared to leave Amarillo for three days and three nights in DC, visiting the very monuments erected in their honor:

We are honored to be in your presence, young men who 67 years ago answered the call of Duty, Honor, Country. In your youth and strength you gave all that mortality can give.

You went to places whose names you could not pronounce. You fought a determined enemy who you did not know. All of you victorious warriors, slightly older today, more distinguished to be sure.

We have not forgotten your sacrifice and are today still grateful for what you did.

Tomorrow you will enjoy for the next 3 days a small expression of our gratitude and love for each one of you.

As Breitbart News reported on October 3, Williams also told us of how four World War II vets on Amarillo “Honor Flights” are selected to help lay the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier while in DC. He sent us a picture of vets from Amarillo walking back after having placed the wreath at the tomb.

Breitbart News cannot forget the sacrifice of these men, heroes all. At risk of losing life and limb they faced a hardened enemy with courage and determination, then returned home with a smile to say they had simply done their duty. HONOR OUR VETS.

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