GOP Senators Elected in CO Recall Sworn In

GOP Senators Elected in CO Recall Sworn In

On October 3, the Republican state senators who won in the September 10 Colorado recall were sworn into office.

Former Colorado Councilman Bernie Herpin took state Senator John Morse’s (D-Colorado Springs) office, and retired Pueblo police officer George Rivera took state Senator Angela Giron’s (D-Pueblo) office.

According to the Associated Press, Herpin pledged his loyalty to his constituents and said “he would never forget the lesson of this summer.” Herpin stated, “We serve at the pleasure of those we represent.” An emotional Rivera thanked volunteers who helped him defeat Giron.

Departing Senator Morse was unrepentant for betraying his constituents’ interests to the end: “I leave this legislature with no regrets.” Giron said she leaves convinced that the gun control laws that outraged her voters are actually the best thing for her them: “Colorado and Pueblo are safer with these modest gun safety laws.”

The election of Herpin and Rivera cut the Democrat advantage to 18-17 in the state senate.

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