LBJ Memorial Park Grove Not Barricaded

LBJ Memorial Park Grove Not Barricaded

The Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Park Grove is officially closed to the public, according to the National Park Service, due to the government shutdown. However, unlike the World War II Memorial off of Constitution Avenue, the open area park and monument does not appear to be barricaded to the public.

Cars can park freely near a foot bridge overlooking on Columbia Island in Washington, D.C. near the Potomac river. This Breitbart News reporter and other pedestrians walked freely around the park without being stopped by the National Park Service or being obstructed by reinforced barricades. 

Visitors can still walk up to the giant stone monument that honors America’s 36th president and explore the rest of the grove thereafter.

The park is located across the Potomac River from the World War II memorial, which remains barricaded to keep the public out, despite the Obama administration knowing WWII veterans were planning to visit the memorial.