New Study: Walking Every Day Drops Breast Cancer Risk by 14%

New Study: Walking Every Day Drops Breast Cancer Risk by 14%

New research from the American Cancer Society shows that women who walk for an hour every day can minimize their chances of getting breast cancer by 14%. Furthermore, the study showed that if the women exercise vigorously, their risk drops by 25% more than women who are not active.

Previous studies have indicated that strong exercise drops women’s breast cancer risks, but this study is the first to show that even moderate exercise such as walking can have a powerful effect. The study examined 73,615 postmenopausal women over 17 years; 4,760 of the women were diagnosed with breast cancer during a 17-year followup.

Interestingly, the study asserted that weight and the use of hormone replacement therapy didn’t change the risk numbers.

Lead researcher Dr. Alpa Patel said, “Our findings are particularly relevant, as people struggle with conflicting information about how much activity they need to stay healthy.  Without any other recreational physical activities, walking on average of at least one hour per day was associated with a modestly lower risk of breast cancer. More strenuous and longer activities lowered the risk even more.”