ATF Blocking Book by 'Fast and Furious' Whistleblower

ATF Blocking Book by 'Fast and Furious' Whistleblower

ATF agent John Dodson blew the cover off Fast and Furious in 2011, and the ATF is actively preventing him from publishing a tell-all book on the operation now.

Documents show that the ATF is doing this based on their claim that the release of such a book would “hurt morale inside the the embattled law enforcement agency.”

According to The Washington Times, Dodson began writing his book last year but his efforts to re-position himself where he could legally “engage a publisher and publish the book” were blocked by one of his ATF supervisors. His request for “outside employment” was rejected by ATF supervisor Carlos Canino on July 19 and this rejection was supported by Special Agent in Charge Thomas G. Atteberry four days later.

During Operation Fast and Furious between 2,200 and 2,500 guns were purchased by straw purchasers–people who purchase guns with the intent to give or sell them to others. These illegal purchases were overseen by the ATF itself. The vast majority of these of firearm were then “walked” across the Mexican border and dispersed among members of the Mexican cartel. 

In 2011 Dodson blew the cover off the “gun walking” aspect of the operation.

Of the 2,200 to 2,500 firearms involved in Fast and Furious, over 1,000 were never recovered. And guns used in the operation still show up at crime scenes–a Mexican police chief was killed with a rifle from Fast and Furious in January 2013.

The ACLU is coming alongside Dodson on October 7, at which time they will file a “formal protest” against the ATF’s decision to prevent him from publishing his book.

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