House GOP Leader Floats Tax Hike in Spending, Debt Deal

House GOP Leader Floats Tax Hike in Spending, Debt Deal

Texas Rep. Pete Sessions, Chairman of the House Rules Committee, suggested possible GOP support for a tax hike as part of a deal to end the stalemate on government spending and debt. As the government shutdown enters its second week, House GOP are floating new proposals, including another “supercommittee” for talks. 

“We disagree by a trillion dollars of spending and a trillion dollars of tax increase….I think there is some ground between a trillion dollars in spending and a trillion dollar tax increase. For Republicans not to be able to identify that would be silly,” Sessions said on Tuesday. “We are going to stick to our guns but it doesn’t mean that people have to deny each other the ability to talk.”

The Rules Committee controls how legislation reaches the floor and which rules will govern its consideration. As such, the Chair of the Committee is hand-selected by House GOP Leadership. Sessions’ comments suggest the GOP Leadership is floating a trial-ballon to gauge support for a tax hike as a possible compromise. 

The Rules Committee to set to consider the latest GOP proposal to initiate talks with Democrats on Tuesday.

UPDATE: An aide for Rep. Sessions contacted Breitbart News to clarify that Sessions is not open to any new tax revenue.