NSA Leaker's Former Employer Worked on Obamacare Exchanges

NSA Leaker's Former Employer Worked on Obamacare Exchanges

The company who hired National Security Agency (NSA) leaker Edward Snowden received at least $37,737,550 to work on the Obamacare exchanges, a GAO report reveals. 

On page 33 of the GAO report, Booz Allen Hamilton is identified as one of the largest contractors working on the disastrous Obamacare exchanges. The report says the company received $37.7 million for “enrollment and eligibility planning and state grant technical assistance.” 

Booz Allen Hamilton’s participation in designing the Obamacare exchanges may raise new security concerns for the few individuals who have successfully entered private information into the government’s broken Obamacare website. However, Booz Allen Hamilton spokesperson James Fisher assured the International Business Times that the company’s work “only specified the business process for IT eligibility and enrollment system work, and did no actual IT work themselves.” 

As Breitbart News reported in June, Booz Allen Hamilton made $5.8 billion in revenue last fiscal year, most of which came from taxpayer-funded government contracts.