McConnell Preemptively Surrenders On Budget Fights

McConnell Preemptively Surrenders On Budget Fights

In the aftermath of the Republican surrender on the government spending and debt fight, Senate GOP Leader went to legacy media outlet The Hill, to promise that Republicans would never again shut down the government over ObamaCare. Make no mistake, he and other Republicans “hate, detest and despise” ObamaCare, they just want to assure you that they won’t do anything about it. 

This is not your standard post that Mitch McConnell isn’t a reliable conservative. Yes, he has often disappointed conservatives as he puts more emphasis on the institution of the Senate rather than first principles. He has also been, however, one of the strongest defenders of the First Amendment that has ever graced the Senate. He has, as he will readily argue, a weak hand leading a minority caucus with a President of the opposing party. I get that. 

So, why would he signal that he would never push a government shutdown to win changes in ObamaCare? That’s like a general saying I will never use my armor brigades to outflank you. Who thinks that’s a bright idea? Why would one lay out their strategy for the future?

The question of whether or not a particular politician is a “RINO” or not sufficiently conservative kind of bores me. Issues change and people have different perspectives on them. Broadcasting ahead of time the limit of your tactics on an issue that is vitally important to the American people is far beyond politics. It is simply dumb. 

Mitch McConnell would be a great Senator from Maine or Vermont. It is kind of a waste to have him represent Kentucky. Pulling one’s punches ahead of time is not the stuff of leadership.