The True Purpose of ObamaCare: A Single Payer Trojan Horse

The True Purpose of ObamaCare: A Single Payer Trojan Horse

The Affordable Care Act is already doing a fantastic job at it’s true purpose: taking great health insurance plans away from people and replacing them with either a much higher-priced, inferior plan or….nothing.

In all the discussion about ObamaCare, many people are missing the point about the true purpose of the law. Supposedly, the purpose of the Affordable Care Act was to lower health insurance costs and provide better health insurance plans for people to purchase. 

Far from it.  

The actual purpose of the ACA is to prepare the ground for a single payer system to come later.  

ObamaCare was designed to ‘fix’ the problem of a country in which most had health insurance coverage and were happy with the status quo. 

 Progressives realized they were never going to get this backwards country to a single payer system as long as 85% of Americans had coverage and the majority of them were satisfied with the health insurance plan they hadThe top leadership of the Democratic Party rightly recognized this situation as a huge obstacle to ever getting a single payer system implemented on the entire country from Washington DC.

The goal of ObamaCare is a national transformation from a country where 85% had health insurance & of those 87% were happy with their plan, to one where almost no one will be happy with what they have been forced to take. 

After a few years of this new situation, Progressives figured people would be ready to hear their solution to the problem: a single payer system. 

If people were never going to voluntarily hand over their private insurance plans, they would just have to be tricked into it then.

Let that sink in: Since American citizens were never going to voluntarily hand over their health insurance plans, a strategy was formed in which those plans would be stripped from them involuntarily.  And that strategy was the Affordable Care Act and the multitude of lies that Democrats told about it. 

They repeatedly lied to the country about keeping plans and keeping doctors and premiums being lower, knowing full well the entire time that this would not be the case.  

But by the time the public figured this out, it would be too late. The law would have already passed and be in force, and millions of people will have had their insurance plans ripped from their fingers before they could even protest about it. 

As I discussed in this previous column, Obama and the Democratic Party knew they had to deliberately mislead as many Americans as possible about what the ACA would do to their health insurance plans in order to pass the bill.  

President Obama asked the country to trust him when he repeatedly promised it the ACA wouldn’t affect people who liked their current plans and wanted to keep them.  He performed perhaps the biggest political dirty trick ever pulled on the American people and he did it openly and brazenly.

He could do that with a clear conscience because like many Progressives, Obama believes in lying to people for their own good.  

At least Conservatives will treat people like adults. To the Progressives, Americans will always be stupid children who need to be coerced, bribed or tricked into doing the ‘right’ thing. 

How could Democrats think they could get away with this kind of shameless behavior? They were convinced back in 2008 they had at last grown their base to the point they would never lose another election.  Many of them still think this, despite the setback of losing the House of Representatives in 2010 and 2012.  They still see a ‘permanent Democratic majority’ out there and so remain confident they can propagandize their way out of any consequences.  

The arrogance of the Progressive Left knows no bounds. They fully expect to get away with this. 


“What a bunch of suckers. Wonder how long it’ll take them to figure it out?”

At this point, no one has even asked Barack Obama about all the false promises he made to the American people about the ACA.  How much longer will the President be allowed to skate by on this before he’s confronted with the fact the promises he uttered so freely and extravagantly in 2009 have now been shown to be utterly false? 

The radical Leftists in control of the Democratic Party remain convinced despite having pulled a gigantic fraud upon the American people with the Affordable Care Act, enough of their base will stick with them to deliver election victories in 2014 and 2016.  

It’ll be up to the American people to prove them wrong.