Days Later, Democrats Adopt GOP Plan On ObamaCare

Days Later, Democrats Adopt GOP Plan On ObamaCare

Last week, Congress voted to end the government shutdown and lift the debt ceiling overcoming Republican demands to delay the implementation of ObamaCare for one year. On Wednesday, just days after Democrats overcame the GOP demands, Democrat lawmakers are suggesting the government should delay ObamaCare. Yes, the irony is rich. 

The entire point of Sen. Ted Cruz’s epic 21-hour speech on the Senate floor was to draw attention to the obvious failings of ObamaCare. For three years, conservatives and Tea Party activists have warned that the law was fundamentally flawed and wouldn’t work. In the last three weeks, their points have been proven right. 

So, now, Democrat lawmakers are scurrying to delay implementation of the flawed program. It bears repeating that the GOP position on the government shutdown was to enact the very same delay. The media, at the time, abetted in calling the GOP “terrorists”, but now applauds Democrats for exactly the same position. 

They aren’t journalists. They are Democract operatives with a by-line.