'Navigator' Planned Parenthood Directs Americans To ObamaCare Plans That Include Its Services

'Navigator' Planned Parenthood Directs Americans To ObamaCare Plans That Include Its Services

In its recently assigned role as ObamaCare “Navigator,” i.e., an organization that has been given federal funds to help Americans sign up for ObamaCare, Planned Parenthood is encouraging customers to sign up for health insurance plans that include its own services as an “in-network provider.”

CNS News.com reported that the home page at plannedparenthood.org features the headline:

Find a health plan in the marketplace that includes Planned Parenthood.

Visitors to the website are invited to enter their zip code to find out which health care plans in the “marketplace” include Planned Parenthood and its services.

For example, entering in a zip code for Washington, D.C. – 20002 – results in the site providing a list of three plans that include Planned Parenthood services: Aetna, United, and Carefirst DC Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The text presented states:

The health insurance plans in the Marketplace listed on the right include Planned Parenthood as an in-network provider. That means you can use your insurance to cover health care services at Planned Parenthood if you have any of the insurance plans listed here. And with your new insurance, birth control and annual well-woman exams will be covered for free, with no copay!

The site also informs:

If you find out that you qualify for Medicaid, it’s important to know that Planned Parenthood health centers are also providers in many Medicaid Managed Care plans. In fact, under Medicaid, you can come to Planned Parenthood for birth control and annual well-woman exams – covered for free, without a co-pay – even if Planned Parenthood is not included as an in-network provider in your Medicaid plan.

If you already have health insurance and don’t see your plan listed here, you should know that Planned Parenthood is included in a wide range of insurance plans. Click here to find a health center near you.

At this point, Planned Parenthood is ready for you to begin enrollment, and the site reminds you that the first item you will need to provide is your social security number.

As CNS News.com observes, “None of the information on this portion of its site lists abortion as a provided service,” yet according to a report by American Life League, in 2011 Planned Parenthood had 322 facilities that performed abortions.

Planned Parenthood’s web page also includes two links: one to find the location of the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic and, second, a link to Get Covered America, part of Enroll America, a nonprofit with close ties to Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett and one that includes AARP, NAACP, and SEIU as prominent members. The primary stated task of Enroll America has been to advocate for ObamaCare.

Under Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, HHS awarded grants totaling over $655,000 to Planned Parenthood clinics in Iowa, Arkansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Montana, and New Hampshire to serve as “navigators.” More than $67 million was given to over 100 organizations that applied for the “navigator” grants.