Supreme Court Drops Abortion Case from Docket

Supreme Court Drops Abortion Case from Docket

The US Supreme Court announced without explanation Monday that it will not review an Oklahoma court’s decision to overturn a state law that restricts the use of an abortion pill.

The court had said in June it would review an appeal by the state of Oklahoma, challenging the state supreme court’s decision to overturn the 2011 law.

But on Tuesday, the Supreme Court announced it was dropping the appeal from its docket as “improvidently granted,” after the Oklahoma Supreme Court last week informed the court that the law was so broad that doctors would not be able to perform any abortion using drugs instead of surgery.

Despite its landmark “Roe V. Wade” decision in January 1973 legalizing abortion in the United States, the practice has remained a perennial source of controversy and in recent years a growing number of states have passed laws limiting it.

The court will still weigh in on the rights of protesters to demonstrate outside clinics that perform abortion.

And, having rejected the Oklahoma appeal, the court can also take up a Texas law that could lead to the closure of a third of the clinics that perform abortions in that state.