LA Catholic Archdiocese Praises Gov Jerry Brown on Granting Licenses to Illegals

LA Catholic Archdiocese Praises Gov Jerry Brown on Granting Licenses to Illegals

The pro-amnesty stance of many of the Catholic bishops now has them standing with pro-abortion and pro-same-sex “marriage” politicians, praising the very same liberal activists who have advocated for abortion on demand and have supported that Christian organizations and business owners have their religious freedom restricted with the ObamaCare HHS contraception mandate.

In the archdiocese of Los Angeles the latest issue of The Tidings, southern California’s Catholic weekly publication, the front page features a story about Gov. Jerry Brown’s (D) signing into law a bill that granted illegal immigrants the right to hold drivers licenses.

As LifeSiteNews reported, Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez personally appeared at the podium prior to Brown signing the legislation.

According to the article in The Tidings, Gomez thanked Gov. Brown and Assemblyman Luis Alejo for their “leadership and commitment to our poor and working poor, especially our immigrants.”

Gomez qualified his statement, however, noting, “As good as this legislation is, it’s still only a half-measure.”

“Our nation’s immigration system is totally broken,” the archbishop stated. “Sacramento can’t fix that problem. Only Washington can. We need immigration reform that keeps families together, that gives rights to workers, and that provides a generous path to citizenship.”

Gomez’ praise for Brown, however, is in sharp contrast to a resolution, adopted in 2004 by a near-unanimous vote of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), that states Catholic institutions should not honor pro-abortion politicians.

The document “Catholics in Political Life” states, “The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor [sic] those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.”

Brown highlighted Gomez’ presence and support at the bill-signing, placing his name first in a list of attendees included in the official press release.

Gomez was sharply criticized by a letter to the editor printed in the California Catholic Daily, which claimed that Gomez and his fellow bishops are “exchanging their role as shepherds of Our Lord’s flock for a role as de facto endorsers of pro-abortion, pro-homosexual politicians.”

The outrage is not just that Archbishop Jose Gomez appeared and affirmed some of the Democratic parties most pro-abortion, pro-homosexual politicians, but that Archbishop Gomez’s own archdiocesan newspaper, the Tidings, had a large front-page picture to celebrate these genocidal criminals…

Sort of like German bishops turning out to join Adolf Hitler to open autobahns and Volkswagen factories and then publishing pictures of the events in their diocesan papers so all the Catholics would know that they should vote for an support the great friend of the bishops.

And then Archbishop Gomez will go to some self-congratulatory, sing-to-the-choir event like a youth pro-life rally or the SF Walk for Life and think that he is being a defender of life.

The Tidings front-page story, dated October 11th, was released two days after Brown signed another bill which radically expanded abortion in California by allowing non-physicians to perform first trimester suction aspiration abortions.