Armed Citizen Shoots and Kills Cousin's Kidnapper

Armed Citizen Shoots and Kills Cousin's Kidnapper

On November 8, a Louisiana man looking for his kidnapped cousin heard screams from an abandoned house, kicked in the door, and ultimately shot and killed the kidnapper.

The kidnapper was “starting to stab 29-year-old [kidnap victim] Bethany Arceneaux” when her cousin kicked in the door. 

According to CNN, Arceneaux “disappeared on Wednesday night.” Search parties and blood hounds combed the area on Thursday, but found nothing. On Friday, November 8, family members joined the search and that is when Arceneaux’s cousin heard her screaming from inside an abandoned home. 

The man kicked in the back door, saw the abductor “starting to stab” his cousin, and “fired several shots [at the abductor] with a handgun.” When police arrived they found the body of Scott Thomas in the abandoned home.

Thomas had a child with Arceneaux and “had previously violated a restraining order protecting her.”

Lafayette Parish Sheriff Capt. Kip Judice said the shooting was justifiable, as the “cousin acted within a state law that allows deadly force to be used to prevent great bodily harm or death.” The name of the cousin who kicked in the door has not been released.

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