Poll: 52% Say Obama Not Honest, 73% Want Mandate Delayed

Poll: 52% Say Obama Not Honest, 73% Want Mandate Delayed

Brutal poll for President Obama Tuesday, this time from Quinnipiac. The president is upside down on approval, 39-54%. Quinnipiac notes that for the first time, Obama is seen as not honest and trustworthy by a not-at-all surprising margin of 52-44%.  In May, Obama was seen by 49% as honest, 47% said he wasn’t. This ten point swing is almost certainly the result of the president being proven a liar with his “you can keep your insurance plan.”

The president is also in the thirties on every major issue, except terrorism:

Obama gets a positive 52 – 42 percent approval rating for handling terrorism, with negative grades for handling other issues” 

                38 – 53 percent on foreign policy;

                35 – 53 percent on immigration;

                32 – 62 percent on the federal budget;

                36 – 60 percent on health care;

                38 – 59 percent on the economy

ObamaCare is in equally dismal shape. Only 39% approve of the president’s signature piece of legislation, a full 55% disapprove. Even women oppose the plan by a 51-41% margin.

Obama and ObamaCare have both dropped from 45% approval on October 1 to 39% today.

By a 73-20% margin, voters want the ObamaCare penalty/mandate postponed past the March 31 deadline. Only 29% believe the ObamaCare website will be fixed by the November 30 deadline, 61% do not believe it.

Only 19% believe ObamaCare will improve the American health care system, a full 43% believe it will make it worse. Basically, America has lost faith in the program.

As bad as things have gotten for Obama, he could always count on his personal ratings to defy gravity. Those days are over. His relentless lying about being able to keep your health insurance along with the launch debacle, have burst the media-created myth.



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