Whoops: ObamaCare Success Story Can't Afford ObamaCare

Whoops: ObamaCare Success Story Can't Afford ObamaCare

During an Oct 21 Rose Garden appearance designed to push back on the bad news surrounding the ObamaCare rollout, President Obama told America that he had received a grateful letter from a single mother. After 15 years of being uninsured, ObamaCare had finally made it possible for Jessica Sanford to purchase health insurance. Unfortunately, that ended up not being true.

It turns out that Ms. Sanford was not eligible for the tax credits the Washington state exchange told her (and 8,000 others) she had qualified for. When she wrote the president, Ms. Sanford was thrilled that her qualified tax credits meant that she would pay only $169 a month for a plan that would otherwise cost her between $500 and $600 a month.

To make matters worse, after Sanford was informed of the original error, the state told her that she still qualified for some tax credits, so she signed up for a less expensive ObamaCare plan that would still fit her tight budget. But the state had goofed again. Turns out she doesn’t qualify for any tax credits.

Today, a disappointed and frustrated Sanford is back where she started: uninsured.

ObamaCare has, however, made one difference in Sanford’s life. Her government will now fine her up to $95 a month for committing the sin of not being able to afford the president’s “affordable” care.  


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