Covered California: We're Answering Prayers

Covered California: We're Answering Prayers

Peter V. Lee, the executive director of Covered California, is offering a heavenly response to those criticizing the implementation of Obamacare; he says Covered California is “answering prayers.” Lee states:

The staff breathed passion for helping get people coverage and compassion for the difficulties faced by so many Californians. When one of the staff noted that a caller of his had broken down in tears of gratitude and appreciation for their no longer having to live in fear – many around the room nodded in agreement. I asked – “how many of you have also had callers break down in tears of relief?” The response was almost half of the room. These men and women aren’t just answering calls, in many ways they’re answering prayers.

Lee quotes a Kaiser Family Foundation survey that stated that in the past year nearly one million Californians used up all – or most – of their life savings because of uninsured medical bills. Now, he tells us, “We can end the inequality and inhumanity that hits millions of Americans if we work together. Together we can make access to quality health care happen. Together we can make health care available to everyone, because for the first time in American health care history, it is a right and not a privilege.”

Access to quality health care? According to a Quinnipiac survey from last week, 43% of Americans think their quality of health care will decrease as a result of ObamaCare, while only 19% think it will improve. Not coincidentally, the same poll found that for the first time, a majority of Americans (52%) believe Barack Obama is not honest or trustworthy.

Lee may believe that Obamacare is a heaven-sent answer to Americans’ prayers, but for many Americans who have lost coverage, it’s more likely origination is from somewhere much warmer than that.