Obama Admin Working on New Gun Regulations

Obama Admin Working on New Gun Regulations

The Obama Administration is working on new gun regulations for lost and/or stolen firearms.

According to The Hill, the new regulations were fashioned by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and are now with “the White House’s regulation office” for review. 

The ATF would not comment on the content of the regulations, but information from the White House indicates they deal with firearms that “go missing” while “in transit.” 

Currently, FFL holders “are required to tell federal agents after they discover a firearm has gone missing, but they aren’t required to do routine checks.” Center for American Progress’s Chelsea Parsons said, “They can discover a gun missing today and have no idea when it went missing, which really makes that information useless to law enforcement.” 

Parsons suggested this is indicative of “a complete lack of data and lack of information… in the area of guns and gun violence and gun commerce.” 

The White House’s regulations office has 90 days to review the new ATF regulations. 

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