Breitbart News to Livestream 50th Anniversary JFK Memorial

Breitbart News to Livestream 50th Anniversary JFK Memorial

The 50th anniversary memorial of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination will be broadcast live by Breibart News starting at 12:30 PM EST and ending at around 2:00 PM EST.

The event, “The 50th: Honoring the Memory of President John F. Kennedy,” will be hosted at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, not far from where the 35th president was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald.

The memorial will feature performances of the “Star Spangled Banner,” the “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” and other patriotic songs, as well as a speech by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings.

Also broadcast will be a speech by 8th-grade student Teriana Ward, who will read her essay, “The Effect of John F. Kennedy’s Presidency on Today’s Society.”

Mayor Rawlings said of the event, “The JFK 50th event was created as a private-public partnership, designed to set a solemn, dignified and understated tone as we commemorate the life, legacy and leadership of President John F. Kennedy.”