#Sharkeisha: Video of Vicious Attack Trends Worldwide

#Sharkeisha: Video of Vicious Attack Trends Worldwide

UPDATE #2 (6:03 PM EST): A new tweet from Sharkeisha may suggest law enforcement is investigating the events captured in this video.

On Wednesday, the hashtag #Sharkeisha suddenly began trending across Twitter. For those not in the know, the hashtag was somewhat puzzling. But the coverage from Twitter centered on video of a young black girl, apparently named Sharkeisha, hauling off and punching another young black girl, Shay, then kicking her in the face after the victim fell to the ground. Sharkeisha’s friends can be heard calling on her to stop, and only pull her off the victim when Sharkeisha kicks her in the face. After being pulled off Shay, Sharkeisha begins screaming: “You was supposed to be my n*****, but where the f*** was you going? Who the f*** was you trying to f***?!”

On Tuesday, someone posted the video of the assault on Instagram, where it quickly gained an avid following. Within hours, the video had over 20,000 favorites on Instagram. It was removed, but wound up all over the internet anyway; there are several postings of it on Youtube.

Twitter quickly went wild with the video, with people creating memes portraying the brutal assailant as a hero:

BuzzFeed laughingly observed, “A viral fight video + a particularly unique name = memes for days.”

UPDATE: Sharkeisha’s Twitter account, according to BuzzFeed, shows just how she’s celebrating her taped assault:

According to Sharkeisha’s account, she had 400 followers on Tuesday. By Wednesday afternoon, her Twitter followership was approaching 20,000.