Was 72-Year Old Woman Latest Knockout Game Victim?

Was 72-Year Old Woman Latest Knockout Game Victim?

It isn’t enough for the thugs violently assaulting Jews in Crown Heights, New York, as part of the “knockout game,” to pick on a 12-year old boy; they apparently are now attacking elderly women. 

Mira Harpazi, 72, was walking near her home at the Starret City housing complex in Brooklyn when a man in his 20s punched her in the face. She joined another elderly woman, 78, who had also been assaulted in a previous attack.

Because the police have been ineffective at protecting the Jewish community in the area, the Guardian Angels took to the streets in Brooklyn on Tuesday to do so. The Angels issued a press release saying they would “focus on protecting the elderly Jews in that area, who are subject to copycat attacks.”

Police commissioner Ray Kelly said of the knockout attacks: “The seven core ones happened in the Crown Heights area, which certainly has a Hasidic population and some of the victims were Hasidic males and children and I actually think a woman as well. So, we’re not discounting that.  We’re concerned about it because the public is concerned about it.”

The 13-year old attacker of the 12-year old boy on November 6 was arrested on Monday and charged with

assault and aggravated harassment and released to his mother’s custody. He is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.