Wiccan Services to Be Allowed at Pennsylvania Prison

UNIONTOWN, Pa., Nov. 28 (UPI) — A woman jailed in Pennsylvania will be allowed to hold Wiccan services at the prison’s chapel, officials said.

Fayette County Prison board members accepted Kathryn Jones’ request Wednesday to be permitted to hold Wiccan services at the prison, the Pittsburgh Post-Tribune reported.

Jones, who said she has “15 years’ leadership as a Wiccan,” was allowed to hold such services in the past but had recently been denied.

“I’ve asked for months for a visit in the chapel,” Jones said.

Warden Brian Miller said those wishing to use the prison chapel must make arraignments through the prison chaplain, adding that sometimes scheduling conflicts arise.

Angela Zimmerlink and Vincent Zapotosky, county commissioners who serve on the prison board, said Jones requests that have been approved do not interfere with previously scheduled uses of the room.

“We all have a right to worship the God of our choice,” Zapotosky said.

The report did not indicate what Jones was jailed for.