911 Calls from Sandy Hook to Be Released Wednesday

911 Calls from Sandy Hook to Be Released Wednesday

Calls to 911 from the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary are expected to be released on December 4.

Connecticut State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky III fought to prevent the calls from being released but gave up after a judge ordered him to provide them to the Associated Press last week.

According to USA Today, Sedensky said he decided “not to appeal the ruling after consulting with the office of the chief state’s attorney and an attorney for the town of Newtown.”

The calls to be released “include seven calls that were made to Newtown police, [but] do not include calls that went to state police dispatchers.” 

The AP wants the recordings in order to gauge police response to the heinous crime.

Sedensky argued against the release on grounds that doing so might hinder his investigation or infringe upon the peace of “survivors who deserve special protection as victims.”

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