Girl Scouts Refuse to Talk About Their 'Homopunk' Spokesman

Girl Scouts Refuse to Talk About Their 'Homopunk' Spokesman

After repeated attempts Monday, it became clear the Girl Scouts have no interest in commenting on the story published Sunday evening about their spokesman Josh Ackley and his leadership of the “homocore” punk band The Dead Betties.

In that story, I reported that Ackley has revived his defunct band and begun recording a new album and that they performed their reunion show at the end of November.

Ackley’s band has released two videos that parents may find objectionable, including one where a woman is stalked and strangled while the image of Ackley smiles and sneers. Another shows a young man writhing naked in newspapers and appearing to touch his genitals.

The Girl Scouts did not respond to multiple requests for comments on the Breitbart News report.