Michigan: ObamaCare Polls Poorly, Republicans Poll Well

Michigan: ObamaCare Polls Poorly, Republicans Poll Well

The left-wing polling firm Public Policy Polling took a look at Michigan and concluded that ObamaCare is hurting Democrats in a state President Obama won by nine points in 2012. Obama’s approval is upside-down 47/51%; ObamaCare polls even worse with only 34% supporting and 48% opposed; and Republicans are polling ahead of their challengers.

PPP’s first Michigan poll in six months finds that the GOP has made gains of 7-8 points in the races for Governor and Senate. Rick Snyder, who trailed Mark Schauer 42/38 for reelection as Governor in June, now holds a 44/40 advantage. And Terri Lynn Land, who had lagged Gary Peters 41/36 in the race to replace Carl Levin, now holds a 42/40 advantage.

A Senate win for Land, a former Secretary of State, would be a pick-up for the GOP. Her fight with Congressman Peters is to replace retiring Senator Carl Levin.

Levin is unlikely to be much help to his potential Democrat replacement; the long-time Senator’s approval rating sits at an anemic 47%, with 41% disapproving.

The shift towards the GOP is primarily due to Independent voters. Six months ago, Land and Peters were tied with this group. Today, Land is ahead by 17 points.

In the statewide race for Attorney General, the incumbent Republican leads his Democrat challenger, 40/38%.

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