10-Year-Old Suspended for 'Imaginary Bow and Arrow'

10-Year-Old Suspended for 'Imaginary Bow and Arrow'

Ten-year old Johnny Jones was suspended from school after pretending “to shoot an imaginary bow and arrow at his classmate.” 

According to Mail Online, Jones “responded to his friend’s imaginary gun… during class in October, by making an imaginary bow and arrow using his pencil.”

Jones and his friend were both suspended from South Eastern School District West in Pennsylvania and their records were marked to indicate they violated “the zero tolerance policy against weapons.” 

Jone’s parents are considering legal action to have their “son’s school record expunged.” The Rutherford Institute has taken their case and has already asked the school to clear the 10-year old’s record. 

The South Eastern School District’s zero tolerance policy bans “weapons, ammunition, and other hazardous items.” This includes replica or “lookalike weapons.” Apparently, “imaginary” weapons are included in the ban as well. 

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