Exclusive – Darrell Issa: Obamacare 'Ineptness' Puts Lives at Risk

Exclusive – Darrell Issa: Obamacare 'Ineptness' Puts Lives at Risk

In his exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Operation Fast and Furious, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) noted that a larger picture of “ineptness” is emerging regarding President Barack Obama’s administration.

“I think what’s emerging in the last few months is the ineptness of administration,” Issa said, elaborating:

This is an administration that isn’t just ideologically driven to do things we shouldn’t want done; they also cannot do the things they want to do well. That’s perhaps more dangerous. With $3.8 trillion worth of your tax dollars being spent, if they do the wrong things, and do things that are outside the Constitution, we at least can push back and say they have no authority. 

But, when there’s things that they’re supposed to do that they can’t execute on, then hundreds of billions of dollars and human lives could be affected. It’s what’s happening under healthcare. The Affordable Care Act is deeply flawed, but it’s also so badly executed that it’s causing people tremendous problems. Fixing the challenges created for healthcare providers may not be possible. Tens of millions of people may not get quality healthcare over the next year or two, and that means lives could be lost.

In cases like Obamacare, amnesty for young illegal aliens via the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, Fast and Furious, and many other cases, the Obama administration has engaged in selective enforcement of laws. 

Issa explained:

Between each election, the executive branch has a responsibility to provide equal protection under the law. This administration has shown reckless disregard for that equal protection. There’s 27 amendments to the Constitution and there’s the Constitution itself. If you pick and choose, you can effectively nullify all of what the founders hoped for. 

That’s one of the problems with this president, and I’ve said this before. It’s not that he says he is a constitutional scholar; he’s more than that. He’s somebody who thinks it should have been written differently and that he is going to rewrite it as president. That’s a lot of what he’s doing.

Issa argued that such behavior by the Obama administration sets dangerous precedents for the country, adding that not only is Obama circumventing the Constitution and laws of the land, he is creating new powers for himself beyond that envisioned by the Founders:

He’s inventing rights and responsibilities for the executive branch that are not there in law, not there in statute or precedent, but they’re also not there in tradition. Tradition would never have considered that a president would effectively create visas for people undocumented here. That’s what he’s done. 

When it comes to the federal exchanges, where the law very clearly says they will not be funded with subsidies, the president is ignoring that and thwarting Congress’ attempts to hold him responsible for enforcement of even a law that he asked for, wrote effectively with only Democrats, and got all the money he needed to do it.

Issa’s committee just published a new investigative report detailing serious issues regarding the people the Obama administration is hiring as Obamacare Navigators. As Breitbart News’ Tony Lee reported early Monday, the new report shows that the Obamacare Navigators are putting the security of American’s personal healthcare and tax information at risk.