Brian Schweitzer: 'Corporatist' Obama Shifted 'Hard Right' over Term

Brian Schweitzer: 'Corporatist' Obama Shifted 'Hard Right' over Term

Schweitzer is trying to “out progressive” Hillary Clinton and other challengers by throwing some bombs. In this case – at least on the corporatist charge – a bomb of truth.

But he heads into the bushes when he asserts that Obama has moved “Right.”

It’s funny, the only people I see ever talking about “Right” and “Left” seriously these days are the statists. Though deeply ingrained in our psyches the Right/Left “paradigm” (forgive me for using the word) doesn’t make much sense. I still use it as shorthand on occasion, but I don’t like to because the Right/Left thing as we knew it in the 20th Century is not very helpful. (Though it is familiar and easy to fall into.)

There are people who are still convinced that fascism is not a form of socialism. These are the same people who believe that FDR didn’t look to Mussolini for tips. They still adhere to the 20th Century political continuum which holds that there are flavors of statism at opposite polls, but that statism is a given. That the “state” is the ether through which all politics flows.

This is false.

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