Former Secret Service Agent Running for Congress Hits GOP Establishment

Former Secret Service Agent Running for Congress Hits GOP Establishment

Don Bongino, former Secret Service agent, told Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon on Breitbart News Sunday that he is running for Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District as a Republican. The show, which airs every Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, gave Bongino the opportunity to go on the record that he is serving the Republican establishment with “divorce papers.”

Bongino, the author of Life Inside the Bubble, identifies more with Tea Party Republicans and explained that he would have been more patient with establishment Republicans if they fought for at least one conservative principle. Instead, according to Bongino, Republicans have laid down on all the major issues which typically animate the Republican Party. Dan says that Republicans have allowed tax hikes, increases in the debt ceiling, and that there are now Republicans that “are actually saying that they want to try and fix Obamacare.” The former Secret Service Agent to George W. Bush and Obama feels that Obamacare should be scrapped entirely. 

“If the establishment Republicans stood their ground” on just one principle “I could trust them,” Bongino said, but they have let Democrats dominate them on every issue. He said “Republicans have no long term plan” and they are basically just slowing the process of what Bongino defines as “the national decline of the greatest country in the world.” Moreover, Bongino says it is a disgrace that Republicans allowed for budget cuts to military pensions in the Ryan-Murray budget deal released last week.

As an aside, host Steve Bannon asked Bongino what he thought about the recent security break-down at the Mandela Memorial in Soweto. At the event, a schizophrenic sign language interpreter attained extremely close proximity to President Obama, which caused concern for many Americans. Bongino replied that the South African security mechanism failed in a big way, stating, “South Africa promised us caviar and gave us a plate of sardines.