Limbaugh: 'Maybe the Republicans Don't Really Dislike ObamaCare That Much'

Limbaugh: 'Maybe the Republicans Don't Really Dislike ObamaCare That Much'

A Washington Post-ABC News poll released in November showed that 71 percent of respondents opposed President Barack Obama’s 2010 health care reform law to enough of a degree to call for a postponement. And although in the latest Post-ABC poll, that number rebounds a bit, it shows Obama suffering the lowest public approval rating of his presidency to date.

On his Tuesday radio, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh attack Republicans for not taking advantage of the poll numbers, which he suggested should be a no-brainer for Republicans seeking electoral success. But instead, he pointed out, they have tied themselves to funding for ObamaCare by supporting the budget agreement brokered between Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).

“Seventy-one percent in this poll oppose ObamaCare,” Limbaugh said. “Seventy-one percent! It still amazes me the Republican Party cannot find linkage to that 71 percent. I’m seeing such a lost opportunity here. I’m stunned – 71 percent, ABC News-Washington Post poll, oppose ObamaCare. And the Republicans just passed a budget that basically locks in the spending for ObamaCare because they’re afraid of being tarred and feathered with another government shutdown next month.”

That led Limbaugh to question if the Republican Party actually opposes the unpopular law. With 71 percent indicating opposition to ObamaCare and congressional Republicans not crafting a message coming out against the law, the conservative talk host proposed that perhaps don’t actually dislike ObamaCare.

“Folks, there’s 71 percent of voters opposing ObamaCare,” he continued. “That’s 71 percent of a universe of people that the Republican Party could forge a relationship with – a political voting relationship. And they haven’t, outside of three or four Republicans, made one effort to do it, which leads to an obvious conclusion: Maybe the Republicans don’t really dislike ObamaCare that much. Or maybe it’s just too hard. Maybe it would be just too much work and maybe because the president’s race is African-American. That means that if we do anything to capitalize on the opposition they’re going to call us haters.”