Massachusetts Attorney General Candidate Warren Tolman Wants 'Smart Gun' Mandate

Massachusetts Attorney General Candidate Warren Tolman Wants 'Smart Gun' Mandate

Former state senator Warren E. Tolman (D) is running for the office of Massachusetts Attorney General and is trying to differentiate himself from other candidates by calling for a blanket “smart gun” requirement for all new guns sold. 

Tolman is up against  former state prosecutor Maura Healey and state Rep. Harold P. Naughton (D-Clinton). 

According to, Naughton is also crafting an extensive gun control platform right now.

If successful, Tolman’s “smart gun” proposal would make “fingerprint-locked guns” the only new guns that could be sold in the state. 

As Breitbart News reported on August 25, “smart guns” have been riddled with problems in both theory and actuality since Democrats first began pushing for them under President Bill Clinton. 

Theoretically, what happens when the gun that only fires with the father’s hands on it cannot be used by other family members if the dad is killed during a home invasion? 

To remedy this, some smart gun manufacturers market a watch or wristband that allows the gun to recognize a legitimate hand via proximity to the watch or wristband. Well–what happens when children figure out all they need to do to fire the gun is put on dad’s watch or mom’s wristband? Suddenly, smart is not-so-smart.

In actuality, there are still concerns that even in the right hand a “smart gun” may fail to read fingerprints if those fingers are caked with blood from a savage attack. What if the right person is holding the gun but it will not fire because the blood blocks the biometric reader?

These questions were asked when Bill Clinton was president. They were not answered well then, and have yet to be answered well now. 

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