Left Attacks Rep. Steve King for Eating 'Sustainable' Reindeer

Left Attacks Rep. Steve King for Eating 'Sustainable' Reindeer

The Huffington Post thought it had a surprise Christmas gift when Rep. Steve King (R-IA) tweeted, from Oslo, Norway, a photo of his holiday meal that included reindeer. The site’s headline breathlessly shouted, “Steve King Eats Reindeer for Christmas.” Within hours of posting, however, HuffPo had to digest a heaping portion of crow. 

Hours after HuffPo “reported” that Rep. King dined on reindeer, it was forced to update its post when CNN reported that it was “totally normal” to dine on the animal in Scandinavia. CNN food editor, Kat Kinsman even said that, because Norway has a large number of wild reindeer, it’s the “most sustainably raised food that you can get.”

A politician’s dining choice is among the less interesting stories I can imagine. What is interesting, however, is the left’s reflexive need to attack political opponents at every opportunity. This particular “news” item was written by Chris Gentilviso, HuffPo’s Senior Politics Editor. This article wasn’t the product of some intern working a holiday shift. It was the work of one of the site’s most senior professional staff. 

Obviously, “professional” is in the eye of the beholder. Apparently, HuffPo thinks obvious items are worth reporting, if they can be stretched to attack Republicans. Scandinavians eat reindeer, which are as plentiful as venison is in this country. Germans like to drink beer, as well. It may surprise you to know that the French are really into cheese. 

The original HuffPo story related no news, but it did reveal the knee-jerk bias that permeates the AOL site.