Over 5,000 Alaskans Lose Insurance, 700 Sign-up for ObamaCare

Over 5,000 Alaskans Lose Insurance, 700 Sign-up for ObamaCare

The combination of new health insurance coverage mandates and the disastrous rollout of ObamaCare makes it very likely that fewer people will have insurance than before the law was implemented. On Wednesday, the Associated Press trumpeted the news that over 700 Alaskans had enrolled in ObamCare. Unfortunately, however, around 5,400 Alaskans had their insurance plans cancelled because of ObamaCare. 

The left-wing Robert Wood Johnson Foundation estimates there are 139,000 Alaskans without health insurance. It calculated that at least 49,000 people in the state would get insurance under ObamaCare. 700 is quite a bit less than 49,000. Worse, however, is that, as of today, the number of uninsured in the state has increased by around 5,000. 

Obviously, the failure of the ObamaCare exchange website has been a significant factor. It was effectively inoperable for its first two months. “The functionality of the website has increased dramatically. It’s still not perfect, by any means; it’s still a really, really complicated process,” Enroll Alaska’s Tyann Boling said. “But there’s people there to help them with it.”

The problems with ObamaCare go deeper than a website, however. Its mandates are causing people to lose health insurance. Freshman Democrat Sen. Mark Begich was the deciding vote to pass ObamaCare and is up for reelection in Alaska next year. 

The ObamaCare math doesn’t look good for his reelection prospects.