Teen Gifts Aunt with Severed Head of Boyfriend

Teen Gifts Aunt with Severed Head of Boyfriend

An 18-year-old man placed his Aunts’ boyfriend’s decapitated head on her bed as a Christmas Day present. Alexis Valdez allegedly killed the boyfriend by bludgeoning him with a hammer to the head, and then severed the victim’s head, ears, and nose, and gouged out his eyes.

According to prosecutors, Valdez admitted that he murdered 41-year-old Silvestre Diaz-Hernandez inside a basement apartment in a Chicago neighborhood early Christmas morning. Valdez was unemployed and at one time lived with his Aunt and Diaz-Hernandez. He had recently moved out due to his behavior causing “ongoing tension between the defendant and his aunt and the victim,” according to Assistant State’s Attorney Kingsley Sawyer.

Reportedly, Valdez summoned 911 to report a dead body after he mutilated Diaz-Hernandez. The operator asked if he had tried CPR to resuscitate the victim, prompting him to laugh and reply that the body had no head. 

According to Sawyer, when police officers arrived at the grizzly scene, they discovered Valdez covered in blood. “If his aunt had come home, and seen the victim’s body, then he would have killed her as well” Valdez reportedly remarked. Valdez is being held without bail.