Wisconsin Ushers in 'Pedal Pub' Law for 2014

Wisconsin Ushers in 'Pedal Pub' Law for 2014

Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill that legalizes drinking on pedal pubs. Pedal pubs accommodate up to 16 riders that sit across from each other, using peddles underneath their seats to slowly power the quadracycles across city streets.

While a driver steers the multi-pedaled vehicle, riders sit in seats and can rest their tasty alcoholic beverage on the bar mounted in front of them. Although passengers continue to pedal the vehicle, they are still able to raise their glasses and toast each other or citizens that wave to them as they roll by.

The bill was signed by Walker in December and had earlier been passed by the Wisconsin State Assembly and the Senate. The bill allows drinking on pedal pubs unless a municipality adopts ordinances against the activity. Prior to the new law, Wisconsin prohibited drinking alcohol in vehicles. 

Although the pedal pub riders are free to imbibe alcoholic beverages as they pump away to their next watering hole of choice, the law requires that the “pedal pub navigators” (drivers) keep their blood alcohol content at .02 percent or below.