Homeowner Attacked, Fatally Shoots Two Burglars

Homeowner Attacked, Fatally Shoots Two Burglars

On March 25th a Detroit homeowner went to investigate a noise by his side window and was attacked by two assailants before pulling his handgun and killing them both.

According to Deadline Detroit, the 51-year-old homeowner heard the noise around 10:30 a.m. and “went out his backdoor to see what was happening in his driveway.” Once there, he “spotted two men in their 20s [and] a fight ensued.” The homeowner ended the fight when he pulled “his handgun and opened fire.”

Police had responded to reports of a break-in at this same home one week earlier.

Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody commented, “Detroiters have had it. Chief Craig has often said good Americans that are legally in possession of firearms are defending their homes, and they have the right to do that, and we stand behind them in doing so.”

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