Archbishop to 'Officially Restrict' Guns in Churches Ahead of New Georgia Gun Law

Archbishop to 'Officially Restrict' Guns in Churches Ahead of New Georgia Gun Law

Atlanta Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory says he will “officially restrict” guns on church premises before Georgia’s Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014 takes effect July 1.

As Breitbart News reported April 20, the Safe Carry Protection Act allows Georgians with concealed carry permits to carry their guns in unsecured areas of airports, expands concealed carry to “more bars,” expands carry privileges for teachers with concealed carry licenses, and recognizes a church’s right to allow its congregants to be armed. 

According to The Georgia Bulletin, the Archbishop said he “regrets” the new gun law and that “the last thing we need is more firearms in public places, especially those places frequented by children and the vulnerable.” 

He added, “Before this legislation takes effect in July, I will officially restrict the presence of weapons in our Catholic institutions except for those carried by the people that civic authorities have designated and trained to guard and protect us – and those who are duly authorized law and military officials.”

In other words, the Archbishop is going to put restrictions in place in his churches that are similar to those that were in place at the Aurora movie theater in July 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary in December 2012, the DC Navy Yard in September 2013, and Ft. Hood in April 2014.

Archbishop Gregory says the Safe Carry Protection Act “de facto makes firearms more available in places where they may allow violence to escalate.”

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