In Nebraska, It's Ben Sasse for U.S. Senate

In Nebraska, It's Ben Sasse for U.S. Senate

There is a very important primary election approaching on May 13th in Nebraska. Voters will be deciding who is going to be their Republican Senate candidate to replace retiring Senator Mike Johanns. 

Let me say flat-out that there is one candidate in the field who is by far the strongest conservative in the race. That candidate is Ben Sasse. 

Ben Sasse is a fifth-generation Nebraskan, businessman, public servant, a loving husband, and a proud father. He has been serving as the President of Midland University since 2009. During his tenure, he has worked vigilantly to turn around that institution and has had great success – making it Nebraska’s fastest-growing school. 

There is a reason Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Mike Lee, and former Governor Sarah Palin have not only given him their endorsement but also their time to help him win the primary: Ben Sasse is an outstanding conservative candidate.

Ben Sasse will join the fight against Obamacare, and he won’t back down. Sasse understands how devastating Obamacare is to our economy, our healthcare system, and the American way of life. 

Ben Sasse will come to Washington to get rid of Obamacare and reform our broken government, not to join the establishment’s club whose members shed conservative values for political gain. The U.S. Senate needs true conservative leaders in the mold of Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, not folks who want to be a part of the go-along to get-along crowd. 

CUPVF is so proud to count ourselves as a supporter of Ben Sasse, and we encourage you to do the same. If you would like more information about Ben Sasse, take a look at his great list of conservative endorsements here:

This is one of those races where we have a chance to elect a very strong conservative, and it’s an opportunity we cannot waste. The establishment is trying to tear him down, now it is the grassroots’ turn to help him out! 

Stand with me in standing for our true conservative principles and with fellow conservative warriors. Stand with me in supporting Ben Sasse for Senate in Nebraska.