Sarah Palin to MN GOP: Julianne Ortman Only Candidate Who Can Beat Al Franken

Sarah Palin to MN GOP: Julianne Ortman Only Candidate Who Can Beat Al Franken

On Friday, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin urged Minnesota’s GOP delegates to support Julianne Ortman for U.S. Senate at this weekend’s state convention.

Palin told the 2,200 GOP delegates that Ortman “is a true conservative and the only candidate who is battle tested with the leadership and experience necessary to beat [Sen. Al] Franken in November.”

“As a state senator, she proved her commitment to conservative principles and her determination to make the tough calls to get things done,” Palin wrote. “As the first woman to ever head the Senate Tax Committee, she led the effort to balance a $5 billion deficit without raising taxes by a single dollar. Those are the kind of results we need in Washington! Julianne will serve Minnesota and the nation with distinction and be a fighter for our liberties in the Senate. Please lend her your support.”

Mike McFadden, Ortman’s main opponent, has been criticized by prominent conservatives like Citizens United’s David Bossie for a “shaky” record, which includes his support for amnesty for illegal immigrants. Ortman’s opponent has also been “soft on the 2nd amendment and said he needed to “spend more time” studying a bill that would outlaw abortions after 20 weeks.”

Ortman released an ad this week before Minnesota’s GOP endorses candidates that depicts her as a “runner.” The primary will be held on August 12.

And the Conservative Campaign Committee also went up with an ad for Ortman. Lloyd Marcus, Chairman of the group, said, “Ortman is a formidable candidate with an impressive common sense conservative record while serving in the Minnesota State Senate.”

“Ortman is the only Republican candidate who can unite both the party’s conservative grass roots base, and attract the support of the national Republican establishment including donors from across the country, whose support will be critical in funding the campaign effort to defeat Franken,” he continued. “Ortman’s most prominent Republican opponent refused to meet with tea party and local Republican groups for months on end, and then was exposed for not having voted in a Republican primary for over two decades.  That is hardly a record that can inspire grass roots conservatives.”