Poll: Plurality of 48% Want Full Repeal of ObamaCare

Poll: Plurality of 48% Want Full Repeal of ObamaCare

A new poll from the Brookings Institution shows that a full 48% of the 1538 adults polled want a full repeal of ObamaCare, 44% oppose. Of the 48%, 25% strongly favor repeal, 23% favor.

Among the primary talking points the Left has used to push back against numerous polls that prove President Obama’s signature healthcare law is wildly unpopular are the deep-dive numbers that show  a plurality don’t want ObamaCare fully repealed. Enough people like enough parts of ObamaCare that the Left has been able to push for a “fix, don’t repeal” approach to the president’s boondoggle.

With a plurality of 48% now in favor of full repeal, that argument holds a lot less water. With the law now almost fully implemented, the country isn’t beginning to embrace ObamaCare, it’s moving towards Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz on a full repeal.

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