Anthony Weiner Favorited Tweet from Hookup App Tinder 'Accidentally'

Anthony Weiner Favorited Tweet from Hookup App Tinder 'Accidentally'

Disgraced New York Democrat Anthony Weiner is claiming that he “accidentally” favorited a tweet from an Internet hookup app.

Weiner made a stir on Friday, June 13, when Twitter users noticed that he favorited a tweet from the Internet hookup site Tinder. The tweet advertising the site said, “Tinder will now be the ultimate sext machine.”

It wasn’t long before Twitter exploded with attacks on Weiner, the Democrat who made himself infamous and lost his seat in Congress for using social media to send sexually explicit messages to young women across the country.

Weiner, though, had a ready excuse: It was an accident.

He made his excuse on Twitter saying he “accidentally hit the star thingy on a @voxdotcom story about Tinder.”

New York’s Village Voice then went through all of the tweets that Weiner favorited and discovered that the ex-congressman had also favorited a series of racy tweets from a woman in California.

Naturally, Weiner suddenly found it necessary to delete all his favorited tweets.

“I’m not clear on how they got marked in the first place but I assume I hit the little star thing accidentally as I scrolled through stuff,” he claimed.

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