Shocker on Breitbart News Sunday: Children Deserve Mother and Father

Shocker on Breitbart News Sunday: Children Deserve Mother and Father

The Regional Director for the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) joined Editor in Chief of Breitbart News and this week’s host of Breitbart News Sunday, Alexander Marlow, to discuss the second annual March for Marriage. 

Chris Plante announced that on Thursday, June 19, thousands of traditional marriage supporters from around the nation will make their way to Washington, D.C. to proclaim that traditional marriage matters.

Plante asserted that there have been a “number of activist judges that have chosen to legislate from the bench and override the sovereign will of tens of millions of voters across the country by throwing out state marriage amendments.” 

The point of the rally is to demonstrate solidarity and show the Supreme Court, Congress, and the mainstream media that Americans still support the notion that marriage should be defined as between one man and one woman. Moreover, children deserve a mother and a father and, therefore, traditional marriage should be protected.

NOM believes that, over the next year, the Supreme Court will take up one or more of 15 marriage definition cases moving through the court system. According to Plante, the march aims to emphasize that support for marriage as an institution between a man and a woman is not a “strange thought. This is not something that has come out of the blue. This is what has undergirded our civilization for millennia.”

Marlow pointed out that it’s “funny that you even have to say it’s not a strange thought, because not ten years ago the contrary position would have been considered a strange thought.” The Breitbart News EIC stated that “the way you are going to impress people is with big numbers.” He asked Plante what kind of numbers can we expect to see at the march on Thursday. Plante replied, “We expect thousands if not tens of thousands of people to join us this year. We had several thousand come out last year.”

Plante said that he is getting calls from people as far away as California who are saying that they have chartered busses and are going to be there. Aside from all the people that are going to come, the March will have a number of nationally-recognized speakers who will lend their voices, including Fox News’s Mike Huckabee, former Senator Rick Santorum, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone from San Francisco, and others.

Marlow commented that there have been a lot of defeats for traditional marriage in the courts over the last year, prompting him to ask the NOM spokesman: “You seem pretty upbeat about things. What have you been seeing that is giving you hope?” Plante insisted that the so-called “tide of the inevitability of same sex marriage is a false narrative.” Plante said that even though a handful of judges have turned away from traditional marriage and “overthrown the votes of millions of people, the American people have not turned away from traditional marriage. The American people have not rejected the notion that children do better with a mother and a father.”

Plante remains optimistic, because he believes that Americans will stand up to these radical judges. He is expecting them to stand up this Thursday in the nation’s capitol. Furthermore, he is optimistic because of rulings like a recent one in Wisconsin, in which a judge stood up for traditional marriage and said that the people’s vote is supreme – not the judge’s ruling.

Marlow expressed concern that today’s young people are overwhelmed by the one-sided publicity that gay marriage receives from the media and other societal institutions. “What are you doing to reach out to them in order to get their support on the wisdom of traditional marriage?” he asked. Plante explained that the Family Research Council and the Catholic Church have taken “great strides” to reach out to educate young people on the merits of traditional marriage.

They are teaching that “marriage is not just a private commitment from two adults; it is bringing men and women together so that, ideally, children brought up by them will be raised by both a mother and father… our children are our future and we know that they are best raised with a mother and a father. And, that is what marriage is designed to do.”

Marlow recounted that in his life both his mother and father were important to him. Both taught him things that were specific to their particular role, and one could not have replaced the other. Marlow explained that, in his opinion, the breaking down of traditional marriage is in effect erasing gender in the interest of the idea that “each sex is equal and there is no longer a dichotomy of men and women.”

Plante agreed with Marlow and added that “when we redefine marriage, we redefine what it means to be a husband or a wife, or a mother or a father. The fact of the matter, two women can be wonderful mothers, but neither of them can be a wonderful father.” He claimed that “the movement that purports that men can replace women or women can replace men when it comes to parenting it is losing sight of the collective wisdom of all human kind. Men and women are different, but we are both required to make children.” 

Plante feels it is a necessary government role to create an ideal environment to raise children: “The reason we protect and promote marriage is because we want good, healthy citizens for our next generation.”