Obama: Michelle 'Bad Example for Pay Equality' Because She Works for Free

Obama: Michelle 'Bad Example for Pay Equality' Because She Works for Free

Jumping on the bandwagon Hillary Clinton revved up with her comment saying she and her husband were broke when they left the White House, Barack Obama said Tuesday that his wife is “kind of a bad example” for the need for pay equality because she does the arduous job of being First Lady for free.

At a discussion regarding manufacturing in Pittsburgh, Obama said, “I will say, the first lady’s kind of a bad example because the first lady doesn’t get paid. And she works pretty hard,” then quickly added, “obviously, we’re ok.”

Obama touted Michelle Obama’s hard-nosed attitude when she interviewed for jobs before her current job. He bragged:

When she worked at the University of Chicago hospital, her first interview, she actually brought Sasha into the meeting with the CEO. She just wanted to kind of see, all right, how is he going to respond? Sasha was still in the bassinet — you know, the car seat thing.

Michelle’s point, according to her husband? To inform her prospective employer, “this is who I am.” He then imitated his wife’s argument:

I think I can do a really good job. But it means that if I have to take her to a pediatrician I don’t want to have to argue about whether or not I can do that. And if you are supportive of my efforts with my family, then you’re going to get 110 percent out of me. But you’ve got to have some flexibility in terms of time and so forth.

Equal pay was not just for women’s sake, said Obama, “You know, if Michelle’s not being paid fairly, then that’s not helping me. I want her to get what — you know, what she rightfully deserves. I want her being paid the same as a man doing the same job because that is helping our family.”