Animal Rights Activists 'Die' In Berkeley

Animal Rights Activists 'Die' In Berkeley

To raise awareness for the rights of animals to enjoy “total liberation,” especially from medical research, a group of international protesters with the group Direct Action Everywhere, staged a “die in” at UC Berkeley. On top of the medical testing that takes place at the left-wing university, the activists also claim the Berkeley labs engage in animal cruelty.

The protesters apparently see no moral, medical, or ethical difference between any sort of animal and a human being. 

“Even if they aren’t violating the Animal Welfare Act, UC Berkeley is a place of terrible suffering for anyone who isn’t a human,” said Brian Burns, an activist and recent graduate of Head-Royce School in Oakland. “Just because someone is different from you — be it a dog, a cat, a pig or a rat — does not mean they deserve to be hurt or killed.” …

“In the moment, (the benefit) might seem like it’s a fair tradeoff,” said activist Felicia Baeza, a part-time student at Evergreen Valley College, about medical testing. “But overall, you’re just keeping the idea alive that certain beings are less than.”

The “die in” was meant to address the contradiction of the practice of life sciences resulting in the deaths of animals.