Chelsea Clinton: Dad 'Taught Me the Importance of Doing Right'

Chelsea Clinton: Dad 'Taught Me the Importance of Doing Right'

In a recent video she made for an initiative titled, “Fathers Empowering Daughters,” Chelsea Clinton said about her father, Bill Clinton, “Through his words and even more his actions, he has always taught me the importance of doing right, by our family, by the communities that I have chosen to be a part of and, ultimately, by the world.

Chelsea, who is part of her parents’ Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, added, “Certainly one of his credos that I’ve adopted fully is that it is always better to get caught trying than to never have tried at all.”

“He has always challenged me to take risks, not unnecessary ones but the ones that are necessary to be the person that I want to be and to have the impact I hope to have on the world,” Clinton added.

She said that “engaging in a life of service is ultimately what’s going to give my life the most fulfillment, and ensure that I’m living up to be the daughter that he always wanted and now the person that I certainly want to be for him and also for myself.”

As noted by Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner, “Fathers Empowering Daughters” is a campaign that focuses on men nurturing their daughters. Radisson Hotel owner Carlson Rezido sponsors the initiative that is part of a new global partnership with G(irls)20.

As Breitbart News’ John Nolte observed Thursday, Chelsea Clinton is paid $600,000 per year from NBC News, though she has not been on the air for four months.