James Bushart arrested for meth and harassing couple in car he thought was a spaceship

BRYANT, Ark., June 20 (UPI) —

This sounds like a close encounter with a blurred mind…

An Arkansas man was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated and disorderly conduct after he allegedly harassed a couple in a car because he believed they were cruising around in a spaceship. He also thought the driver was an alien.

When James Bushart was arrested, police allegedly found methamphetamine and a pipe that was used to smoke meth.

The alleged victims called police after Bushart began following them around and then pulled up in front of their Plymouth Prowler to demand that the “alien take his spaceship back to where they came from.” Bushart is also accused of making threatening gestures.

“That was my biggest problem with what was going on was how upset he was. I guess in reference to the vehicle was the only thing I could think,” driver Jay Ward told FOX 16. “I was a little upset about that mostly because I also had a passenger with me that was concerned for her safety as well.”

According to the police report, the 44-year-old was shaky and talking to himself while performing field sobriety tests. He also said he was interested in the Plymouth because “it looked like a futuristic machine” and later told police that “he was a very big deal and had 100,000 Asian flowers.”